Start Small, End Big

At School of Careers, we provide affordable experience with our valuable courses. Here, we would like to share the success with you as your mentors and partners on your career pathway. You will receive all that is required to perform effectively and focus on your career without financial burden weighing you down. In addition to affordable course fees, we have scholarship programmes available for students to apply.

School of Careers aims to provide affordable professional courses to everyone without having to worry about financial burden.


At the School of Careers, we provide scholarships to support the students in pursuing the professional courses that will get them closer to their success pathway. You may schedule a call with us to find out more about scholarships offered.

Lower Course Fees

Our Competency-Based Learning (CBL) courses take less time to complete compared to conventional courses. The shorter duration allows students to complete the courses faster and hence save on course fees.

Flexible Learning Environment

We focus on flexibility of your learning experience. Offering a variety of course types, ranging from virtual to hybrid classrooms, selected courses provide you the option to learn the course at your preferred location.

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