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Industry Certificate

The concept of an "Industry Certificate" is a compelling one, particularly in today's rapidly evolving job market. It emphasizes the practical, hands-on nature of the education provided at the School of Careers and could be a strong selling point for prospective students. Here's how you might present it:

"At the School of Careers, our ultimate goal is not just to educate, but to prepare you for success in your chosen career. That's why our graduates receive an 'Industry Certificate.'

An Industry Certificate is more than just a diploma. It's a recognition of your mastery of the skills and knowledge that are critical in a particular industry or job role. It's a testament to your competency, and a signal to employers that you're ready to hit the ground running.

When you earn an Industry Certificate from the School of Careers, you're telling the world that you're not just educated, but that you're employable. You're demonstrating that you have the practical skills and knowledge that employers are looking for, making you a highly attractive candidate in the job market.

Students' Benefit

Through completion of our courses, students will gain recognition for their newfound expertise of knowledge and/or skills from our industry certifications. Students will gain the skills to enhance their employability and receive various job offers.

Employers' Benefit

Hiring talents with an industry certificate would increase employee performance as they have gone through courses catered to meet the demands of the industry. Talents are equipped with industry knowledge and skills to excel across various fields and job roles.

Parents' Benefit

Industry certifications are a more affordable alternative for students whilst still acquiring the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the workforce. Following a competency-based approach, students will be able to increase their employability and potential income.

Nation's Benefit

Serving as an additional form of qualifications, industry certifications contribute to upskilling the local workforce to meet the hiring needs of employers. This opportunity improves national employability and the quality of the workforce.

Case Study - Google Career Certificate

Google Career Certificate has flexible online training programs designed to earn job-ready skills in high-growth, high-demand career fields such as IT Support, Project Management, Data Analytics, and UX Design, available on No relevant experience or degree required. 

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