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Industry Certificate in F&B Management

  • Course Level Beginner
  • Course Type Virtual
  • Course Duration 60 Days/240 Hours
  • Upcoming Intakes July, September, November
  • Job Guaranteed Yes

Program Overview

When the customers come first, the customer will last.” – Robert Half

Food and Beverage Management is one of the fast-growing market sectors nationally and internationally with the involvement of food processing, event planning and management. Our Certificate course in F&B management allows our student to establish interest and basics within the food service industry or starting a restaurant. online. Throughout the course, our professional adjunct mentors from the industry will offer our student the skills and techniques that are equilavent to the industry standard. 

This makes a sound foundation for working in a restaurant, catering or other foodservice enterprises. Our modules covered vary from kitchen and food management to planning a menu, restaurant staffing and hospitality entity management. The course will allow students to explore their career in hospitality and tourism industry.


  • 16 years and above
  • Basic digital literacy with or without f&b industry experience

Course Objectives

  • Be a jack of all trade in culinary industry from food preparation, event planning ,managing, staff and serving
  • Build an effective procedure for managing a hospitality facility
  • Earn powerful knowledge of food preparation process
  • Getting valuable clients, keep them, and increase your revenue for your culinary business
  • Help students become a culinary industry expert
  • Learn the procedure of catering service planning and event planning

Learning Activities

  • Classroom Lecturing
  • Quiz & Test
  • Practical Exercise Case Studies Learning Activities
  • Group or Individual Work
  • Self-evaluation Training
  • Contest

Career Options

  • Beverage Services Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Commercial Food Suppliers
  • Event Planner
  • Executive Chef
  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Food and Beverage Service Supervisor
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Line Cook
  • Wine Server

Technology Requirements

  • PC Desktop / Laptop
  • Stable Internet Connection

Why Study F&B Maangement

Better Employability

To enable the development of new skills and earn a better employment opportunity

Be a Master

Understanding the definition, structure, and principles of food and beverages services and event planning

Manage your business

Manage your culinary business with the skills and knowledge of the F&B management

Leadership Training

Train yourself as an effective and successful administrator and leader.

Course Outline

Module 1: Food & Beverage Industry

– Food and Beverages Fundamentals
– Restaurant Industry and Segments
– Factors affecting the Food and Beverages Industry
– The F&B Chain Structure
– F&B Operation
– Event Planning Process

Module 2: Special Segments and Operations

– Multi-Unit Restaurant Management
– On-Site Foodservice Management
– Health Care Food Services
– Long-Term Care Dining Services
– Food Service in Cultural Institutions
– Culinary Research and Development
– Hotel Catering & Banquet Management
– All-Inclusive Food and Beverage Operations

Module 3: Food Safety, Storage & Preservation

– The concept of food safety and hygiene
– Food storage and preservation
– Food poisoning
– Responsible Food Service

Module 4: Marketing and Entrepreneurship

– Restaurant marketing
– Feasibility research
– Competitive analysis
– Market analysis
– Financial analysis
– Advertising and Public Relations
– Food purchasing
– Purchasing methods
– Tendering
– Strategy Branding

Module 5: Catering

– Catering Scale and size
– Product & service development
– Menu planning & pricing
– Working with the client
– Culture & cuisine

Module 6: Nutrition

– Food Nutrition
– Healthy cuisine preparation
– Hygiene and Kitchen Maintain
– Sustainable foods

Module 7: Beverage Management

– Beverage service laws and regulations
– trends
– Pricing and purchasing
– Alcoholic Beverages – Preparation and Processing
– Tea, Coffee and Non-Alcoholic Beverages – Preparation and Processing

Module 8: Customer Relation Management

– Reservations and bookings
– Contracts
– Cancellation procedure
– Refund policy
– Basic waiting techniques
– Customer Services in F&B
– Utensil Handling at Dine-in Area
– Using a Service Salver
– Interpersonal skills
– Addressing customers
– Complaints Management

Module 9: Human Resource

– Staff recruitment
– Interviewing
– Self-esteem and motivation
– Staff Training Management

Module 10: Process and Revenue Management

– Revenue Management Fundamentals
– Advanced Demand and Supply Management Concepts<
– Financial Budgeting and Planning
– Managerial Accounting

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