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Industry Certificate in Human Resource Management

  • Course Level Beginner
  • Course Type Virtual
  • Course Duration 30 Days/120 Hours
  • Course Language English
  • Upcoming Intakes May, July, September, November
  • Job Guaranteed Yes

Program Overview

Human Resource Management is the study of how to make the best of out of a limited skilled workforce in an organisation and to properly utilise that resource.

The Industry Certificate of Human Resource is a certification aims to help students develop detailed knowledge of business and management practices, as well as critically evaluate that knowledge and competently apply it in their future career. This program will emphasize on active participation and interaction between peers and mentor.

Throughout the 200+ hours, students will acquire extensive knowledge in the specific discipline and develop soft skills in key business areas, such as presentations, projects management, teamwork, entrepreneur skills, working to deadlines, problem solving and decision making – all of which will be assessed and certified by our Adjunct Mentors with over 10 years of experience in conducting HR courses.

This program is open to all entry level students who are looking to carve their first step into the career life and will set you on the path of mastering the practical competencies necessary for achieving career success.


  • 16 years and above

Course Objectives

  • Preparing students to demonstrate high level of competencies in the field of Human Resource
  • Guiding students to be able to apply the skills and knowledge to different HR processes and real life situations.
  • Help students to in starting a career in the HR industry

Learning Activities

  • Assignments & Presentations
  • Classroom Lecturing
  • FB Group / Slack Community
  • Group or Individual Work
  • Practical Exercise Case Studies Learning Activities
  • One-on-One Career Coaching
  • Self-evaluation Training

Career Options

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Training and Development Coach
  • Recruiter
  • Chief Capital Officer
  • Occupational Specialist

Technology Requirements

  • PC Desktop / Laptop
  • Stable Internet Connection

Why Study Human Resource Management

Better Employability

To enable the development of new skills and earn a better employment opportunity

Be a Master

Understanding the definition, processes, and principles of human resource management

Meet new people

Working in the HR field means spending time meeting new people and helping them

Today's Context

Keep up and be adaptive with the current trends in the workplace 

Course Outline

Module 1            : Introduction to Human Resources

– The VUCA World Today & The Future of Work
– The Value-Driven HR Professional
– A Career in Human Resources – Experts or Generalist
– Key Competencies of a HR Professional
– Self Assessment & Personalized Development Plan

Module 2 & 3    : The Mindset & Skills of a HR Professional

– Partnering with the Business & Understanding The Employee Journey
– Mastering the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
– Effective Communication Skills
– Project Management Skills
– Case Study & Presentation

Module 4 & 5   : Talent Acquisition & Talent Partnering

– Job Analysis & Roles
– Hiring for Today or Tomorrow
– Sourcing for Talents & Engaging with the Pipeline
– Interview Skills & Selection Process
– Calibrating with the Business
– Onboarding & Integrating Talents
– LiVE Practice & Presentation

Module 6 & 7    : Learning & Development

– Key Principles in Adult Learning Theories
– Talent Development Strategies & Training Needs
– Managing a Training Program (end to end)
– Key Success Factors for Impactful Learning Culture
– Designing & Conducting Virtual Learning Program
– Case Study & LiVE Session

Module 8           : Employee Communication & Employee Engagement

– Evolution of Employee Engagement & Employee Listening
– Key Success Drivers of Employee Engagement
– Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Programs
– Effective Employer Branding (Internal & External)
– Case Study

Module 9 & 10  : Rewards & Recognition

– Basics of Employee Compensation & Benefits
– Matching Compensation with Values & Business Needs
– Basics of Employment Law for Malaysia
– Benchmarks & Reviews
– Special Guest Invite
– Case Study

Module 11 & 12 : Managing Performance & Building Careers

– Role of Reviews / Appraisals in Managing Careers
– Best Practices of Managing Performance
– Crucial Conversations for Careers
– Talent Development
– Common Performance Issues
– Case Study & LiVE Coaching

Module 13         : Diversity, Inclusion & Ethical Conduct

– Concepts & Practices of Diversity & Inclusion
– Diversity & Inclusion at All HR Processes
– Ethics for HR
– Case Studies & Guest Speaker

Module 14         : Organization Development & Change

– Basics of Change Management
– HR Strategies & Measuring ROI
– Digital HR
– Case Studies & Business Scenarios

Module 15         : Summary & Assessment

– What’s Next? Building Your HR Profile
– HR Trends
– Areas to Continue to Develop
– Assessment & Evaluation

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