Industry Certificate in 3D Modelling (Google SketchUp)

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Last Updated June 29, 2021


This Industry Certificate in 3D Modelling aims to introduce students the most basic software to start learning about 3D modelling. This course provide extensive skills and knowledge for students to become expert in creating 3D models by using Google SketchUp.

Students will be learning a wide range of tools and features of the software starting from installing the software to exporting a model. Students will have the opportunities to put their skills through various assessments where they will be expected to design their own 3D models throughout the course.

Upon completion of this course, students will become comfortable in creating 3D modelling using Google SketchUp. This course is designed for entry-level students both with and without prior experience in 3D modelling, setting students towards an upward slope of success in this industry.

Learning Objectives

Gain professional skills in creating 3D models by using Google SketchUp
Learn drawing, designing, and animating skills with Google SketchUp
Familiarise the whole process of conducting Google SketchUp

Career Options

  • 3D Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Architect Planner


  • 16 years old and above
  • PC Desktop / Laptop
  • Stable Internet Connection

Material Includes

  • Classroom Lecturing
  • Tutorials
  • Group or Individual Work
  • Practical Exercise Case Studies Learning
  • Activities
  • Mini Projects

Course Outline

44 Lessons60h

Module 1: Introduction To Google SketchUp

Fundamentals Of Google SketchUp
Installing Google SketchUp
Exploring Google SketchUp Interface
Features & Functions

Module 2: Exploring SketchUp Toolbox

Module 3: Concepts of Creating a 3D Model

Module 4: Measuring & Labelling

Module 5: Organising A 3D Model

Module 6: Viewing the Model

Module 7 : Extensions

Module 8: Saving & Exporting

Module 9: Final Assessment

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School Leavers, Diploma/Degree Holders
44 lessons
Class 60 hours
Assessments Yes
Certificate Yes
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