Industry Certificate in Programming Language (Python)

Premkumar Chandrashegaran
Last Updated July 2, 2021


The Industry Certificate in Programming Language (Python) aims to equip students with the knowledge open-source programming language, Python, and learn how Python can optimize the digital solution development cycle.

Students will be exposed to the application of Python on modern web and mobile development. Students will also learn how to analyse data with Python with specific library sources.

This program is designed to build a strong foundation for students in machine learning and software development in information technology industry.

Learning Objectives

Understand fundamental concepts in programming
Familiarise the use of functions and data structures in Python
Understand the object-oriented programming paradigm
Apply basic data wrangling in Python
Apply data analysis using Python

Career Options

  • Python Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Advisors
  • Data Journalist
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Machine learning Engineer


  • 16 years old and above
  • PC Desktop / Laptop
  • Stable Internet Connection

Material Includes

  • Assignments
  • Classroom Lecturing
  • Tutorials
  • Group or Individual Work
  • Practical Exercise Case Studies Learning Activities
  • Mini projects

Course Outline

37 Lessons60h

Module 1: Introduction To Python Programming

Fundamentals Of Python Programming Language
Python Installation & Usage
Python Syntax
Introduction To Variables & Data Types
“If” & “While” Statements
Abstraction & Decomposition

Module 2: Data Structures

Module 3: Advanced Functions and Data Structures

Module 4: Python Environments & Tools

Module 5: Object-Oriented Programming

Module 6: Basic Data Wrangling

Your Instructor(s)

Premkumar Chandrashegaran

Lead Data Scientist

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Prem has extensive experience as a practitioner and trainer in the area of Data and Analytics, and Engineering with a combined 10 plus years’ experience in the Corporate and Academic industry. His focus areas in data science are predictive maintenance, reinforcement learning and NLP. He also runs his own projects using these technologies together with IOT and cloud computing at home. He holds a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering Degree from Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in 2014. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours) majoring in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Malaysia in 2010. During his free time, he enjoys challenging himself either in the gym pumping heavyweights targeting overall fitness (he is a certified personal trainer by Celebrity Fitness, and current pursuing ISSA certifications), or playing one of his game consoles. He loves keeping himself busy through these hobbies or spending time with his family. Otherwise, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and ideas, therefore he is also quite active in giving guest lecture series at local and international universities or Alt.Labs Community.
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School Leavers, Diploma/Degree Holders
37 lessons
Class 60 hours
Assessments Yes
Certificate Yes
Job Guaranteed
Scholarship Available