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The Industry Certificate in Project Management aims to prepare individuals to be agile and have the skill sets needed for projects across any discipline. The programme will focus on providing a practical space for students to interactive and learn through cooperative learning.

Students will be able to gain an extensive overview from the start till end of any project, as well as understand the processes involved in order for a project to run smoothly. Additionally, students will acquire basic financial literacy as well as interpersonal skills to fully equip them for the workforce.

By the end of the programme, students will become well-versed in the area of project management and be able to kickstart their careers in various industries, taking on and assisting in projects.

Learning Objectives

Learn about the project lifecycle
Apply project management tools and methodologies into real-life projects
Understand and be able to coordinate resources such as finance and manpower

Career Options

  • Project Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales Manager
  • Event Planner


  • 16 years old and above
  • PC Desktop / Laptop
  • Stable Internet Connection

Material Includes

  • Assignments
  • Classroom Lecturing
  • Tutorials
  • Group or Individual Work
  • Practical Exercise Case Studies Learning Activities
  • Mini Projects

Course Outline

57 Lessons80h

Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management

Functions of Project Management
Roles in Project Management
Stages of Project Lifecycle

Module 2: Understanding the Project Lifecycle

Module 3: Project Planning

Module 4: Project Implementation

Module 5: Project Tracking Tools

Module 6: Project Analysis & Reporting

Module 7: Project Management Methodologies

Module 8: Stakeholder Management

Module 9: Financial Management

Module 10: Risk Management

Module 11: Project Innovation and Change

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School Leavers, Diploma/Degree Holders
57 lessons
Class 80 hours
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