Industry Certificate in Programming Language (Ruby on Rails)

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Last Updated June 29, 2021

Course Prerequisites


The Industry Certificate in Programming Language (Ruby on Rails) also known as ROR aims to equip students with the knowledge of a high-level web framework that supports easy and fast development of safe and maintainable websites.

Students will be exposed to the application of ROR on modern web and mobile application development. Students will also learn to apply ROR modules in creating applications or websites from existing sources instead of raw codes.

This program is designed to build a strong foundation for students in software application development. The demand of RoR skills is on the rise in the market.

Learning Objectives

Understand how to create a software application with Ruby on Rails
Explore Active Record techniques in Rails
Understand the basics of Rails Controller, Resource-based Routing, Session, and Cookies Storage
Learn more about the version control tool- Github
Learn more about Heroku Deployment Tool

Career Options

  • Ruby on Rails (ROR) Developer
  • Ruby on Rails (ROR) Tech Lead
  • Software Engineer
  • Website Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer


  • General understanding of web development principles
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Basic knowledge of SQL

Material Includes

  • Assignments
  • Classroom Lecturing
  • Tutorials
  • Group or Individual Work
  • Practical Exercise Case Studies Learning Activities
  • Mini projects

Course Outline

54 Lessons80h

Module 1: Introduction to Ruby & Rails

Ruby Fundamentals
Rails Fundamentals
Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts (OOPS)
Fundamentals of Web Application
Model View Controller Architecture (MVC)
Ruby on Rails Installation

Module 2: Basics of Ruby

Module 3: Advanced Ruby

Module 4: Rails Application and Database Configuration

Module 5: Views

Module 6: Active Record

Module 7: Controller

Module 8: Advanced Rails Concepts

Module 9: Deployment

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