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Template to Promote School of Careers to University Students

Dear Students,

We are pleased to share with you the great opportunity to get a guaranteed job (T&C apply) with any of the employers who are currently partnering with the School of Careers (SOC). SOC is a graduate finishing school providing employability guide that is relevant, affordable, and job-guaranteed. Universities in Malaysia partner with SOC to prepare their graduates before they enter the workforce. 

By enrolling on the School of Careers, you can: 
  • Learn from subject-matter experts and understand the expectations for the future workplace
  • Be more career-ready before entering the workforce
  • Land your first job with a salary of between RM 2,300 – RM 5,000, or more

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Poster to Promote SOC Job-Guaranteed Courses

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Explain School of Careers in a sentence

School of Careers (SOC) is a graduate finishing school providing education that is relevant, affordable, and job-guaranteed. 


Candidates to enroll on the School of Careers, complete the finishing school program and will be connected with the thousands of job opportunities. 



Website URL

(Please take note that the URL is .co, not .com)

Suitable words to be used

For the subject-matter experts who are training the candidates to help them land a job, you can call them as
  • Mentor
  • Subject-matter expert
  • Industry expert
  • Industry practitioner
For the candidates who are currently looking for an employment opportunity, you can call them as
  • Student
  • Candidate
  • Learner
  • Future leader
For the employer who are currently hiring the candidates from School of Careers, you can call them as
  • Employer
  • Industry partner
  • Organisation
  • Recruiter
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