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A global ecosystem for a new normal education

Gaining suitable and sustainable employment has been a core goal for most graduates. Public and private higher learning institutions (HLI) in the country have also designed their curricula and study experience around this goal as they create programmes and avenues to increase graduates’ competencies and competitiveness.

Achieving this, however, will require a comprehensive ecosystem which covers excellent industry links, high-quality academic programmes, practical and industry-driven skills training, and opportunities to develop personal and professional skills.

Moving with the times, SEGi University & Colleges has not only created an inclusive Global Ecosystem for all but also taken a bold step in positioning itself as the foremost institution Towards IR4.0 (Industrial Revolution 4.0 or Industry 4.0) in its effort to future-proof its graduates.

Industry 4.0 has a big impact on the economy and community as studies show that emerging technologies can change 28 million jobs in ASEAN alone. As the job market changes, the human capital requirement changes with it. The new industry requires a more innovative and skills-driven workforce with adequate digital and data literacy.

As a step towards creating an innovative workforce, SEGi identified Four Transformation Strategies and Four Transformation Drivers that will position the institution as leading research and innovation-driven HLI. At the same time, the institution also aims to become a primary source for industry-relevant talents and innovative research and developments (R&Ds).

Four Transformation Strategies

SEGi took a calculated view of the new market and set a strategic direction to achieve its goal of becoming a leading IR4.0 institution by introducing four transformation strategies known as SEGi 4R Approach – Reimagine, Recognise, Redefine, Revolutionise.

To increase employability and marketability of graduates through the creation of new jobs and enterprises, SEGi’s Global Ecosystem including its students and staff must be able to Reimagine possibilities that can meet tomorrow’s needs.

At the same time, the institution with assistance from its industry partners must also Recognise the right potentials by providing avenues to unleash the true nature of graduates and their ability to make a significant impact on the community.

Along with that, SEGi needs to imbibe the idea of change in the hearts of students by Redefining their futures. They must be able to understand that transformation is a core part of every business and be able to adapt accordingly so that they can create a sustainable future for themselves.

With this understanding, it will be easier for SEGi to Revolutionise the market by introducing innovative programmes that are in tandem with the market’s growth and direction.

These strategies will not just align SEGi with the industry but it also helps in producing holistic and well-balanced graduates with the right skills and competencies for the current and future markets.

Four Transformation Drivers

With the aim to be a leading change-maker that transforms the private education sector to be more innovative and industry-driven, SEGi marked four routes that can take the institution to the top. These are Smart Partnerships, Curricula Enhancement, State-of-the-Art Facilities and New and Innovative Programmes.

Industry collaboration adds credibility and assists in upscaling the students through workshops, professional certifications and industry engagement programmes including internship placements to prepare graduates for the industry. SEGi University and Colleges have strong industry linkages with hundreds of Valued Corporate Partners including those invested heavily in Industry 4.0.

For a tertiary institution, SEGi’s study programmes are at the core of its operations and it is important to ensure that the relevant programmes are updated according to the latest industry trends especially in the fields of engineering, information technology, business, accounting and management and education.

Aside from the inclusion of IR4.0 elements in its curricula and skills development programmes in these fields, SEGi has and will continue to introduce new and innovative study programmes that are in line with the global trends. For instance, it recently introduced various industry certification programmes in the fields of Engineering and IT in collaboration with partners such as Huawei, EC Council, the Oracle Workforce Development, SAS Institute Inc., AWS Academy, MIMOS Bhd, Kenanga Investment and more.

Facilities at SEGi are also being upgraded in phases to expose students to IR4.0 features like smart manufacturing, simulation, smart classrooms, artificial intelligence and others. These strategies are also expected to contribute towards making Malaysia a favourable destination for high-impact R&D and high-value investments.

Upskilling the Workforce

While the SEGi Global Ecosystem consists of industry-relevant programmes suited for all types of full-time local and international students, the changing market needs also demand for an upskilled workforce. In addition to this, the unstable economic landscape due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic has also placed a strain on household incomes forcing many to move out of their comfort zone and seek new knowledge and skills to upscale themselves in line with Industry 4.0.

To serve the matured market, SEGi recently introduced SEGiRISE, an innovative flexi-learning programme under SEGi’s Global Ecosystem. Aimed at providing equal learning opportunities to all, SEGiRISE offers adult learners an opportunity to reinvent their future through well-established upskilling courses.

As one of the pioneers in online and blended learning and an authorised online education provider since 2013, SEGi has been one of the popular choices for postgraduate studies and Professional and Continuing Education (PACE).

Today, under SEGiRISE, adult learners from all over the world, including working professionals, gig economy workers, homemakers and part-time students can all sign up for study programmes ranging from foundation to postgraduate to achieve specific life goals and raise their quality of life.

Alternative solutions

SEGi University and Colleges also offer flexible routes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners to upscale themselves with relevant qualification.

Those who just wish to upgrade themselves with various industry-relevant skills can consider taking up short or professional certification courses through various channels such as online courses or training programmes offered by SEGi’s training arm, IFPA Resources.

There are also credit-bearing short courses that can be used to pursue other accredited study programmes via credit transfer. From pop-up courses to online workshops, learners have the flexibility to choose a programme that is relevant to them and the industry.

Those without suitable academic qualifications can also apply for certain study or upskilling programmes that cater to their needs. For instance, adult learners with prior working experience or skills can apply via Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning Credit or APEL (C) where they can turn their accumulated experiences into credit awards to complete a relevant or specific study programme related to their career or passion.

Through SEGi University, those without a tertiary qualification can start with a foundation or a diploma programme and go through the accelerated pathway to earn a master’s degree within 4 to 5 years. Should they possess a diploma, the same pathway can get them a basic degree and a postgraduate degree at a quicker pace. This way, learners do not only save time but also cost to attain their desired qualification.

SEGi Group of Colleges (SGC), on the other hand, is perfect for those who’re seeking greater flexibility in their quest for knowledge and skills. Aside from PACE, SEGi Group of Colleges also offer Evening School, Weekend Classes and professional courses at selected campuses in the Klang Valley, Penang and Kuching.

Whether it is gaining sustainable employment, or advancing your career, there is a little something for everyone under the SEGi Global Ecosystem. Visit segi.edu.my to find your calling.


Source & Photo: https://www.malaysiakini.com/announcement/544760

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