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Assessments and Evaluation

  • What happens if I don’t pass my course assessments?

    If you fail your course assessments, you may have an opportunity to retake it once. If you fail that too, you may fail to be awarded your industry certificate at the end of the course. However, our courses are designed to help you, and our mentors are always available to …

  • What kind of assessments are there in the course?

    Each course will have their different forms of assessments, but some examples will be in-class quizzes, case studies, and group projects. For more details on the assessments, you can explore our course pages which provides more details on the specific assessments. …

  • How do I get evaluated during my course?

    You are evaluated based on your classroom participation and assessment performance. However, some courses may have additional or other forms of evaluation depending on the nature of the course as well as the mentor conducting the course. …

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