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Hiring Process

  • Are we able to gain access to the candidates details?

    Yes, as our employment partner, you will gain access to the selected courses which matches your job vacancies, and have access to that talent pool. However, we at School of Careers do provide a screening process to help you shorten your hiring process time as well.  …

  • What role do we play in the hiring process?

    School of Careers will collect the details of your candidate preferences and help you do the rest! However, should you have any additional assessments or interviews to be conducted before extending an offer to students, that can be arranged. …

  • Do students go through any screening process?

    School of Careers will screen through student applications as well as have an interview with all students, filtering through and accepting only the best and serious candidates. Should you request for additional screening, such as online assessments and/or a second interview, that can also be arranged. …

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