Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


There are various options for you if you are unable to afford the course fees.

Firstly, you can look through to see your eligibility for our range of scholarships.

Another alternative is to apply for our available funds to partially or fully pay off the course fees.

Last but not least, we have an income-sharing agreement (ISA) option. Students can opt to contribute their earnings as an alternative to paying the course fees.

The course tuition fee quoted is only applicable to the current year of commencement.

Students are advised to check the School of Careers frequently as all fees and costs are subject to an annual revision.

All our courses are currently being delivered online, where our lecturers and students engage through interactive platforms and activities.

You will be able to attend the classes from the comfort of your location of choice.

We understand that you may not know where to go for your next step, as most people may be after completion of your secondary education. You may also have recently completed your diploma or degree course and are not sure if you are prepared for the workforce.

You can schedule a slot with one of our Career Advisors who will help guide you to discover your next course of action. 

School of Careers offer courses which vary in duration, and not all courses are delivered on a daily basis. You may explore the courses to find out which course may be most suitable for your time arrangements. 

Additionally, we also offer crash courses, some of which are shorter versions of our industry certificates. 

Both options have different benefits, depending on what your envisioned career path is.

If you are seeking job security and stability, going with apprenticeship might give you a higher chance of full time employment upon completion of course.

However, if you would like to have the chance to select the job and company of personal interest, you can opt to take the certificate without apprenticeship.

If you fail your course assessments, you may have an opportunity to retake it once.

If you fail that too, you may fail to be awarded your industry certificate at the end of the course.

However, our courses are designed to help you to succeed, and our mentors are always available to assist you should you have any problems or difficulties.

Each course will have their different forms of assessments, but some examples will be in-class quizzes, case studies, and group projects.

For more details on the assessments, you can explore our course pages which provides more details on the specific assessments.

You are evaluated based on your classroom participation and assessment performance.

However, some courses may have additional or other forms of evaluation depending on the nature of the course as well as the mentor conducting the course.

While we ensure that all of our participants will be guaranteed a job after completion of our courses, we do not bind you to the job that will be offered to you. 

You are free to look for opportunities elsewhere but do note that we will not refund you if you choose to reject the job that is offered to you.

Our courses are based on the job role that our employment partners are looking for. Hence, our courses are designed to train you to be prepared for that job function.

Therefore, it is for the best of all parties that you discuss with our career advisors before enrolling in our courses.

If the course comes with job guaranteed, you will receive a conditional job offer upon approval of your course application.

However, do take note that the offers will only become unconditional upon successful completion of the theory classes.

Upon submitting your application, you will automatically be considered for our range of scholarships.

However, if you are not eligible for the scholarships, you may consider other options.

We have a range of financial aid, including bursary and funds which you can apply for.

No, each student is entitled for one scholarship under School of Careers.

No. If you are deferring your offer, you will have to reapply for our scholarships.

To get a better understanding of the deadline and commencement of your offer, please refer to your offer letter. 

We close applications at the end of every month, so the application period can range from 2 weeks up till 1 month, subject to when you submit your application.

We will be evaluating both your application and interview performance before finalising whether you meet the requirements, but definitely we encourage you to apply!

To check you eligibility, click here!

You can apply with your most recent transcript, and we will consider your application on a case-by-case basis.

To check your eligibility, you may check it here.

Industry Certificates are aimed to recognise students for their competency in the field of expertise, taught and mentored by our highly experienced adjunct mentors.

For the use of academic progression, this is subject to a case-by-case situation, but most of our students who graduate with an industry certificate progress directly into the workforce.

School of Careers offer a range of certificates, validated and recognised by our different partners and stakeholders.

Our Industry Certificates and Certificate of Competency, are issued by Talentbank in conjunction with our adjunct mentors.

We also issue Partner Certificates, upon completion of courses which are in collaboration with university and external organisation partners.

Each course is designed for its specific field, thus you will only be able to take the modules from your enrolled course.

However, if you would like to take additional short-term courses, you can select from our wide range of crash courses. To access other modules, you would have to enroll in that course after completion of your current course. 

We have a variety of crash courses as well as industry certificates offered to all. We also have courses designed specifically for working adults, which will be suitable for parents.

Additionally, we offer corporate training, so if your parents would like to train their own company or if their employers would like to invite us to provide the training, it can be discussed.


Industry Certificates are designed to equip students with career-ready skills and knowledge as well as skill sets which are demanded by leading employers in the industry, taught by industry professionals, whereas diploma/degree are more knowledge-based and taught by academicians. 

Depending on the course you take, the number of classes per week will vary.

A minimum of 2 classes per week can be expected.

To view the status, check your email inbox for any updates regarding your application status.


School of Careers will be handling the student recruitment, but if you would like to promote your own course, provided you adhere to our branding guidelines, you may do so.

Yes, you can commit as many hours as you would like to teaching!

You can even choose to deliver multiple courses. However, the relationship between School of Careers and mentor(s) will still be on a contractual basis, without the benefits which may be expected from full-time employment.

You do not need to have any prior training experience or qualifications.

However, we will be evaluating your classroom delivery to ensure the quality of all classes.

Yes! After becoming one of our mentors, you may have the opportunity to progress to managerial roles within the School of Careers, overseeing the academic processes as well as managing the mentors.

After a certain tenure, you will be considered should your performance exceed expectations and are interested for further career progression within School of Careers.

We welcome all mentors to join us any time, as we do not have specified intakes.

You can directly refer them to us via email, or guide them through the application process you went through!

You are free to conduct classes through your own methods and style, as long as all methods are deemed appropriate and helps students achieve the set learning outcomes.

However, if you are unsure, you may reach out to our team for further clarification.

The School will provide a standardised teaching platform for all mentors, hence you will not have to find your own platform.

Classes will be taught in a fully virtual environment.

Further arrangements will be subject to nature of course and situational factors.

We will not be disclosing any personal information on our mentors.

Should you want to reach out to or connect with the mentors, you can do so through your personal account.

You will have the opportunity to meet other mentors during School of Careers quarterly review with all mentors.

We may organise other events in which you will have the opportunity to meet the other mentors, but it will be on a seasonal basis.

We will internally discuss the standardisations to be set, especially on course delivery.

Some courses may be bought over and fall under ownership of School of Careers.

As the mentor who developed the course, you will hold full ownership over your course.

However, we may offer to buy over your course should we want to hold ownership over your course. This will be subject to discussion and mutual agreement.

No, as one of our adjunct mentors, you are not considered as full-time employees of School of Careers, hence will not receive benefits in addition to your remuneration. 

There are no additional bonuses or incentives as mentors are with School of Careers on a contractual basis.

Should there be further enquiries in regards to remuneration, you may refer here.

All our mentors receive remuneration on an hourly basis.

For further enquiries, you may submit your mentor application and await for our response.

Mentors are expected to prepare their course and class materials, as well as to execute basic classroom management such as attendance, behaviour management, and so on so forth.

You may also be requested to attend or be part of promotional activities for School of Careers.

One of the benefits we offer our mentors is flexibility, so there are no fixed working schedules which our mentors have to commit to.

You can choose to dedicate as many hours as you would like to this role, albeit delivering the learning outcomes and fulfilling the responsibilities of a mentor.

To find out more about becoming our mentor, please click here.

This varies from organisation to organisation, so we advise you to reach out to your organisation’s HR to check before joining us as an official mentor. 

If there is no clash of interest, we would love to invite you to become one of our mentors.

The number of hours you teach would be subject to your availability, as some of you may be involved in full-time and/or part-time commitments.

You are advised to teach a minimum of at least 8 hours per week, spread across 2 to 5 days. 

If you are available to teach more hours, you have the flexibility to do so.

There is no fixed minimum, but our suggestion would be to have at least 2 classes per week with consistent engagement with students throughout the week.

In a week, you may decide to teach from 2 to 5 days per week depending on your availability.

To ensure the quality of the classrooms and to allow for more personalised engagement between mentors and students, you can expect 10 to 20 students per classroom. 

The number of students may be subject to change depending on the subject, capacity of the mentor, and other factors.

We have a plethora of resources and courses available to guide you in the course development process. Should you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at

Another alternative is to select one of our available courses that aligns with your area of expertise and teach from there.

We have a panel within the School of Careers who carefully review all course submissions, and at times there will be requests for revisions to be made.

Courses may not pass the screening stage if it does not a) meet the demands of the current job market, b) have clear objectives and outcomes, c) other reasons in special cases.

To ensure courses meet our requirements, you can send them in for our review and we will provide feedback accordingly.

In School of Careers, we aim to provide relevant courses to meet employer demands and hiring needs.

We trust that with our market research and our mentors industry experience and expertise, we will be able to develop the right courses for students.

To gain access to insights and to understand current market demands, you may reach out to our team for a discussion.

Additionally, based on your industry experience, we would also like to know from you what you believe is something that is in demand or will be in demand in the future.

During the process of developing the course, you will be provided an outline of what information is required.

Additionally, you can refer to our existing courses here.

At School of Careers, we follow the syllabus of the world and market trends.

We believe that there is no fixed syllabus to follow because the needs and demands of the industry are always changing, and we would like to be able to adapt to it to provide relevant education to our students. 

As this is an apprenticeship, the role of the employer should be to guide the students to learn whilst they work, so the expectations of the student should not be held to the same extent as that of a full-time employee.

With that being said, there may be other reasons that would be valid for termination, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Lack of fulfilment of set KPI despite multiple warnings issued
  • Failure to comply to the rules and regulations set in place within the company
  • Violation of the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information

We will provide talents according to our pool of students coming in, however, if the candidates we have provided do not meet the requirements of your organisation either before or during the employment of the students, we are not obliged to provide replacements unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.

There are no fixed amount of talents to meet the exact vacancies provided, as it is subject to our intake of students.

Join our mission to improve the nation’s employability as you become a part of our employability ecosystem, gaining access to our talent database where you can showcase your organization’s culture and getting first-hand pick on your talent of choice.

Get to know the other benefits of joining us at School of Careers here.

Yes, we can work together to implement a course that is run by your organisation’s trainer.

All course modules and content shall be provided by your organisation.

All information collected will adhere to our privacy policy.

Any published material with content related to employment partners will be discussed and agreed beforehand, otherwise all will be kept confidential. 

The agreement will purely focus on the supply of talents to the employers and vacancies to School of Careers.

The employer is not bound to be affiliated with School of Careers on any other terms, and vice versa, unless discussed and agreed upon. 

There will be a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in place to ensure both parties are aware of the agreed terms as well as delivering from their end.

Any other signed agreements will be subject to a case by case basis, depending on the terms discussed.

Depending on the terms set in the unconditional offer, employers may be able to dismiss the student should they not be meeting the requirements of the offer.

However, if students are not being provided the right support to help their performance, a discussion between both parties needs to be set with School of Careers as a witness.

If the student that was offered a conditional job offer letter fails to meet the requirements of the course and fails, it would be deemed as not meeting the condition set in the offer letter and thus will not be bound to the offer letter.

When you send your employees for training at School of Careers, your organisation will be entitled to a special 10% Employment Partner discount for all courses provided by us. 

Yes, we have various crash courses that are designed for upskilling and reskilling of working adults and professionals.

If you would like to request for a specific topic or skill area, you may set a call for further discussions with us.

Subject to the number of vacancies provided, we will provide talents all-year round.

The amount of talents would also depend on a first-come-first-serve basis, as well as the terms agreed on by your organisation and School of Careers.

Our talents are sourced from across the nation, and go through a highly selective application process.

However, we cannot 100% guarantee consistency of their performance as the selection process is only able to indicate their immediate performance.

Though we are unable to guarantee 100% readiness upon recruitment, students have the opportunity to learn and grow throughout the duration of the course.

School of Careers will screen through student applications as well as have an interview with all students, filtering through and accepting only the best and serious candidates.

Should you request for additional screening, such as online assessments and/or a second interview, that can also be arranged.

School of Careers will collect the details of your candidate preferences and help you do the rest!

However, should you have any additional assessments or interviews to be conducted before extending an offer to students, that can be arranged.

Yes, as our employment partner, you will gain access to the selected courses which matches your job vacancies, and have access to that talent pool.

However, we at School of Careers do provide a screening process to help you shorten your hiring process time as well. 

All our certificates are issued by School of Careers and signed by respective course mentors.

Selected courses may have the addition of our affiliated partner’s accreditation, alongside School of Careers and the mentor.

Our certificates are aimed at qualifying students for their competency rather than their knowledge.

Our courses are all catered to industry demands, and aim to equip students with the skills needed for the job, rather than focusing on the theoretical knowledge that usually comes with a degree.

Focusing on competency-based learning, industry certificates recognise the competency of our students, but are separate and distinct from Bachelor’s degree and/or similar certifications.

Definitely! For any courses curated by School of Careers in partnership with our partners, the industry certificate will be accredited by both School of Careers and the partner.


Access to talents are provided to employment partners on a first-come-first-serve basis, thus the earlier you join us as an employment partner, the bigger the pool you’ll have access to!

Find out more details on becoming our employment partner here.

As School of Careers’ employment partner, you are neither bound to us nor subject to any other responsibilities.

Our relationship will be one of mutual benefit, where School of Careers will train and supply you with talents, and you will be providing vacancies to our students to complete their apprenticeship before officially graduating from our selected Industry Certificate courses.

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