Through creative learning experiences delivered by industry practitioners, our students not only become the best in the industry, they become the industry.

Learn and get employed within our employability ecosystem of over 1,000 employers

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School of Careers is a competency-based educational institution providing education that is relevant, affordable, and job-guaranteed.

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Job Guaranteed

Designed based on hiring needs by the employers, our courses will set you up with the necessary skills to perform well in your respective field, guaranteeing you with a job after being certified.


Our courses are designed based on the current market demand by the leading employers. We identified which courses are crucial and relevant for the market needs.


In addition to being able to complete our courses within a year, our courses are also very affordable for a wide range of learners, ensuring you value for money.

Better Employability

For The Nation

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Chief People Officer

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Project manager

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Tom Sanders


Tom Sanders

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