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Job Guaranteed

Set your career pathway by enrolling in our courses that will guarantee you a job with one of our employment partners.

Whether you have just finished school or looking to reskill, our courses will set you on your way to career success. Leveraging from our 10 years of experience working with leading graduate employers, we have jobs ready for you to fill upon completion and being certified by us.

Courses that guarantee you a job

Apply to our job guaranteed courses. Our certificate will ensure you that you will be ready to enter the workforce fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform

Job Guaranteed

Apply to our various courses that will guarantee you a job with one of our employment partners upon completion. We partner with hiring employers that are looking for talents to fill in their vacancies. 

No Prior Qualification

Anyone above 16 years old is eligible to apply for our certification and no qualification is required. All we require from you is your willingness to learn and the right attitude in order to be able to perform in the classroom and when you are stepping in to the working life.

Get a job within 6 months

When you enrol in our job-guaranteed courses, you will be assured a job with one of our hiring partners upon passing the course assessments. After being certified, you will be placed with the hiring company and start your onboarding process all within the period of 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed to get a job if I my application is approved to study in one of your courses?

Yes, we work with our employment partners to provide them with a pool of talents that are ready to take on their job responsibilities. 

We only train learners for courses that have a ready placement from our employment partners.

What if the job that I get is not what I wanted to pursue?

Our courses is based on the job role that our employment partners are looking for. Hence, our courses are designed to train you to be prepared for that job function. 

Therefore, it is for the best of all parties that you discuss with our career advisors before enrolling in our courses.

Can I reject the job offer if I am not interested in that job?

While we ensure that all of our participants will be guaranteed a job after completion of our courses, we do not bind you to the job that will be offered to you. 

You are free to look for opportunities elsewhere but do note that we will not refund you if you choose to reject the job that is offered to you.

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Apply with us now and get a job.

For further information, you can email us at learn@careerschool.co for any inquiries or click on the button below to get you started on how to enroll with School of Careers. 

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