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School of Careers creates opportunities for lifelong learning enthusiasts to kickstart their careers in all types of industries, thanks to our employment partners. The courses are designed to help learners land jobs at any company, across any sector. Become our employment partner to connect with skilled candidates and be involved in our talent pipeline ecosystem. 

4 Benefits of Hiring From School of Careers

Benefit #1

Through our competency-based courses, gain access to career-ready talents from our robust candidate pool.

Benefit #2
Quick Hiring

Shorten the hiring process by letting our team help you screen through and source for the cream of the crop.

Benefit #3

Take advantage of our cost-free hiring solution to recruit the best talents to your organisation.

Benefit #4
Employer Branding

Build your brand through joining our nation building initiative, becoming the best employer of choice.

No Minimum Criteria To Join as Employer

No Minimum Vacancies

Open to talents to join us all year-long, we have no limitations to the number of vacancies you are seeking to fulfill.

Diverse Job Roles

Designed with flexibility in mind, our diverse range of courses can cater for various job roles, meeting your hiring needs.

Various Locations

With talents located all over the nation, you can offer vacancies from any location, without worrying about not meeting the hiring gap.

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