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Hire Career-Ready Talents

Employability is not just an issue for employees, it also affects employers. It is a two-way street.

Our years of connecting graduates to employers have lent us insights into the exact requirements of today’s employers. It is an understatement to say that many graduates today do not possess the skillsets, temperament, and the necessary drive needed in a professional environment. In the world we live in, doing well in school and exams is no longer a guarantee for employability.

Here at School of Careers, we are committed to not only developing youths with the right skills and knowledge to perform at the job function but to prepare them for the working life. On top of learning specific job function skills, our career-ready talents are mentored and groomed to realize their full potential.

Our Employment Partners

Why Hire Our Career-Ready Talents


Our talents are equipped with essential skills that employers in the industry are seeking for. 

Professionally Mentored

Our talents are trained by adjunct mentors who are industry experts, ranging from retired professionals to business owners and consultants in multiple renowned organizations.

Performance Attitude

Our talents undergo a screening process prior to enrolling in our courses. We have pre-identified talents who are committed and serious in learning, all of whom are ready to hit the ground running when they join your organizations. 

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Become School of Careers' Employment Partner and gain access to our pool of career-ready talents.


How does hiring from School of Careers benefit my organisation?

Join our mission to improve the nation’s employability as you become a part of our employability ecosystem, gaining access to our talent database where you can showcase your organisations culture and getting the first-hand pick on your talent of choice.

How does the hiring process work?

As an employment partner, we will run the hiring process for you. Our application process involves an application review as well as interview process where we will ensure talents meet the criteria you set. Upon selection and enrolment, students will be offered a conditional job offer letter and undergo the relevant courses. Once complete, they will be certified by us and ready for you to take in as an official employee.

Can I reject the students if I change my mind?

You may have the option to cancel the conditional job offer letter prior to student enrolment in the courses. Please bear in mind that students will need to be approved by your organisation before starting their courses. On the other hand, should student fail to meet the course fulfilment criteria or not match the set expectations, you may be obligated to reject the students after discussing with the School. 

Can I send my employees for training instead of hiring new students?

Yes, we have various crash courses that run about 2 or 5 days that are designed for upskilling and reskilling of working adults and professionals.

Will my organization be entitled for any discount?

When you send your employees for training at School of Careers, your organisation will be entitled to a special 15% Employment Partner discount for all courses provided by us.  

Can I implement a program that is run by our in house trainer?

Yes, we can work together to implement a course that is run by your organisation’s trainer. All course modules and content shall be provided by your organization.

What if the student fails to be certified as competent?

If the student that was offered a conditional job offer letter fails to meet the requirements of the course and fails, it would be deemed as not meeting the condition set in the offer letter and thus will not be bound to the offer letter.

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