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Hi, I'm Sarah Faradilla

General Manager

Sarah has spent 20 years in the world of entrepreneurship & corporate with primary focuses on  Leadership, Business Development, Customer Service, Coaching & Mentoring - driving coordination in all aspects of interdepartmental coordination aligned with companies’ strategy and directives. She has been exposed to working with a variety of cultures in different countries such as Asia, India, Pakistan, Middle  East, Africa and Europe. Her experience has been in the focus of pioneering business strategic plans and  budgeting process, working with relevant divisions and departmental heads. Big successes have been achieved for all projects which even involves the critical paths e.g. from the very basic of recruitment to  training to project executions in leading and driving accelerated growth of project’s core services,  identifying solutions for various learning gaps from across industries. Her ultimate passion is to champion ground zero revenues projects to the millions, establishing herself as one of the most trusted and highly respected leader and mentor towards the divisions desired growth. She has built a solid commercial infrastructure from ground up, expanded penetration in new markets, and delivered immediate results to benefit projects internal and external stakeholders. A valued mentor and leader – she always provides employees with the autonomy to do their work well while building strong, professional relationship in order to improve communication as well as advance business development efforts. She has worked with a variety of industries in the likes of event management companies, financial institutions, mining, oil &  gas, manufacturing for their learning needs and dealings are done from the top C-levels to executives.  Experienced, results-driven leader who accelerates customer success, delivers implementation results to showcase a successful project delivery. She has sat on experiences to manage top performing global teams in Malaysia, Middle East, Pakistan and South Africa. The projects are mainly driven by powerful, self motivated executives. She has screened, interviewed and hired thousands of professionals helping them build solid foundations She has successfully conducted workshops, training sessions, induction programs  & organised business specific trainings.

After spending 10 years working and living in stunning South Africa with cross work exposures to Middle  East, UK, Greater Asia & Asia – she is back in home grounds, “Malaysia Truly Asia.” Passionate to share the stories and lessons learnt with others ~ the corporate world, people, culture that she saw and experienced, movements where she has taken notice how CEOs/Directors/Managers/Executives/Young  Adults/Fresh Grads thrives and fail. Known to be very observant, she is happy to share stories, insights and practical strategies of what was observed, which immensely puts hope to people and apply the rightful in their journey. She knows people are not only drawn to seeing successes but to the ones who speak openly about their challenges–and failures.

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