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Hi, I'm Sonia Sarpal

Principal Brand and Marketing Strategist

Ms Sonia Kumari Raj Kumar (Sonia K Sarpal) is currently an active consultant and trainer for various  industries - ranging from SME, GLC, MNC, Preschool, Retail and Food Retail and much more. Recently, Sonia has been featured as February 2019 Mogul of The Month by WICOM (Women in  Commerce, Malaysia) which is part of the International Women’s Federation Of Commerce &  Industry Malaysia (IWICIM)

Sonia is a HRDF certified trainer and passionate in developing minds, and inspiring people to reach  their optimal performance in the field of branding, sales & marketing, business development and  strategy and operational excellence. Speaking several languages and dialects, Sonia is able to  communicate on various levels, to a wide spectrum of people. Also having led and managed a large  and diverse team in a past portfolios, Sonia is able to break down and translate complex messages in  a simple to understand manner, in which to effectively train the junior staff, yet able to maintain  communication in a higher level manner to cater to experienced and higher level C-Suite level  personnel

Having had over 20 years in Sales and Marketing, out of which 18 years were with Nestle, Sonia  has had a proven award winning track record in leading and driving teams across the region and  delivering impressive results in all portfolios that she has held.

Sonia has over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry with her expertise in Sales  and Marketing, Branding, Strategy Development, Operational Excellence, Sales and Trade Marketing,  New Brand Launch, Product Launch, Events Management, Ad development, P&L management,  Project Management, Team Management, Regional Brand Management, Consumer Insights, Digital  Marketing, ATL Agency Management.

Sonia used to be a Regional Consumer Marketing Manager at Nestlé, the world's largest food and  beverage company that focussed on enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier  future. She was responsible for developing category & brand vision and strategy as well as sales and  trade marketing activities across ASEAN region (for Nestle Confectionery) - for Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in brand planning and activities averaging double digit growth in region. She has also  got experience in opening new markets in developing markets (Myanmar), as well as opening  flagship stores for the Kit Kat Brand.

Currently, Sonia is actively coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and other organisations such as  (Royal Foundations, GLC, MNC, SME) to take their marketing and business to a much higher level,  and is actively involved in shaping strategies and upskilling their staff in ways which are able to  catapult them and their results in a much more operational and logical manner. Sonia also conducts

business matching and business expansion programmes for penetration into international markets  for selected entrepreneurs.

Sonia is a qualified Nutritionist, with an Honours Degree in Nutrition and Community Health. Sonia  also holds an MBA and is currently pursuing her Doctorate In Business Administration. During her  education, she was also able to be a part of an exchange programme to India, and has spent time in  a rural village studying the nutritional status, conducting nutritional and community health  assessments as well as coming up with a nutritional and community health plan for the rural  community in which she was placed in.

Prior to venturing out as a Branding, Business and Marketing Consultant and Certified Trainer, she  was the Regional Consumer Marketing Manager at Nestle Confectionery, from August 2014 to May 2018. She was responsible for developing category & brand vision and strategy across ASEAN region  (Kit Kat, Milo Nuggets and Crunch Wafer) - for Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in brand planning and  activities averaging year on year double digit growth in region. Sonia was also responsible for setting  up and opening a new market – Myanmar – for the division. Sonia was also the key person in taking  Confectionery to be sold online, which was in the past not able to be done, due to melting issues in  the delivery system. Sonia also received awards for being able to set up a Retail Boutique Chocolate  Store in Malaysia (one of 3 in the world) In this role, she has had the opportunity to lead an  extensive cross functional team across the region. Previously, she was the Senior Brand Manager at  Nestle, from 2011 to 2014. She was responsible for total Kids Cereal Portfolio within the breakfast  cereal category. From 2004 to 2011, she was the Brand Manager at Nestle Infant Nutrition overseeing the entire Infant Formula and Growing Up Milk Category, where she mastered the art  and skills of silent marketing. Before that, she was the Brand Executive at Nestle Chilled Dairy,  Malaysia, from 2001 to 2004. Prior to this, Sonia has had experience as a Medical Writer, as well as a  Sales and Marketing Executive in an advertising firm.


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