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Hi, I'm Vincent Ang Kit Fai

Managing Director

Vincent AKF is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Airborne Solutions Sdn Bhd, HRDF Certified Trainer & Senior Business Development Specialist working in the air transport/air cargo & shipping industry, serving clients in the field of aerospace and defence, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, heavy machineries, construction, etc.

Vincent AKF was previously attached to one of the most prominent international freight forwarding companies in Malaysia - Multi-Trans Sdn Bhd. During his tenure in the company, he spearheaded the aerospace and defence logistics business development  and has managed to bright in tremendous airfreight and aviation logistics business for the company.

During his college years, he was actively involved in organising career talks, participating in multiple international events, and becoming a speaker and trainer himself in higher learning educational institutions, such as Sunway University & College, INTI International University & Colleges, Portman College, and more. It was also during this time that he co-founded his first company - Solveskills Sdn Bhd. The company is a HRDF-Certified training provider and provides training programmes catered for corporate organisations as well as higher learning institutions.

Vincent AKF is also the co-founder and director of business development for an aviation maintenance company - Craftsman Aviation Sdn Bhd.

Under his leadership, all 3 organisations that were co-founded by his partners and himself have secured international and local clients alike, both in private, government, and non-government sectors.

Today he is a full time entrepreneur, with excellent business track records since 2016.

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