At School of Careers, we aim to provide education that re-defines education.

We believe in providing relevant and practical content that can be applied to real-life scenarios to help equip our graduates to be prepared for the obstacles waiting for them as soon as they join the workforce.

Guided and evaluated by our Adjunct Mentors, our students will experience real-life application and practical theory for the duration of the course. Upon completion, a ‘Certificate of Competence’ will be awarded to graduating students as an acknowledgment of the student’s career-readiness.

School of Careers' motto is to provide relevant education to the leaders of tomorrow in order to shape a better nation.

Ben Ho / Founder & CEO, Talentbank

SOC's Philosophy

At SoC, we believe that knowledge taught in classroom should be practical and applicable in real-life scenarios. It is not an exaggeration to say that we have heard plenty of remarks from individuals in the work-force that theories absorbed from classroom based learning are often not applicable in  actual working scenario. Thus, we believe in providing knowledge that are relevant and practical through our adjunct mentors whom are still highly active in their individual field to guide our students. 

Effective Learning Methodology

Research shows that relevant learning means effective learning and that alone should be enough to get us rethinking our lesson plans. The common drill-and-kill method has been disproven as an effective teaching and learning method. Relevant, meaningful activities that both engage students emotionally and connect with what they already know are what helps reinforce learning.

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