1st Competency-Based Educational Institution in Malaysia


TOP 10 Critical Skills

Do Malaysian graduates have the skills that are most critical to employers in the recruitment of employees? Finding candidates with the right competencies is a key priority for employers. Naturally, employers expect candidates to possess the specific skills and knowledge needed in a particular sector or profession. However, employers’ recruitment...
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Attitude vs Academic Results

This tweet by Ben Cichy, a former NASA engineer, is still making its rounds today more than a year after he first posted it. While it gives hope to students and graduates, what does it really mean to students and employers? Is it still important or worthwhile for students to...
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Fresh Graduates’ Career-Readiness

Are Fresh Graduates In Malaysia Really Career-Ready? In a survey of employers conducted by Talentbank in 2020, we found that the majority of employers considered local fresh graduates to be not immediately ready to take on career challenges. As you can see from the graph, most of the 196 respondents gave Malaysian college...
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Are Employers Hiring in 2021?

The future of hiring, amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, is a major concern among many Malaysian parents, graduates, employers and other stakeholders such as universities. Well, here’s some good news – graduates are getting hired in 2021. In fact, fresh graduates from the Malaysian public and private universities stand a...
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