1st Competency-Based Educational Institution in Malaysia

School of Careers

School of Careers

The School of Careers is a competency-based educational institution initiated by Talentbank that intends to provide education that is relevant, affordable, and most importantly jobs guaranteed.


Better Employability for the Nation


To develop aspiring candidates, whether graduates or experienced job-seekers, through creative learning experiences by industry experts, which enables them to unlock their true potential and land them their dream jobs.


Not everything can be taught in theory and be found in textbooks. By enrolling in the School of Careers, future leaders will gain access to experienced industry practitioners who will personally impart their knowledge and current industry practices through our various physical and online courses at an affordable price. Our creative learning courses will ensure that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge as well as guarantee you a job upon completion.

Talentbank Group

Following our establishment in 2011, Talentbank has been branded as the unrivaled gold standard among existing recruitment platforms through our reputation as Recruiter as well as Education and Employer Branding Specialist.

Here at Talentbank, we have always strived for better employability nationwide through the ecosystem of graduates and employers  that we have built over the years. We have helped graduates define and kick start their careers by connecting them with the people, organizations and opportunities that enables them to make their dreams become reality with the objective of reducing the nation’s unemployment rate.

At the same time, we provide a platform for everyone regardless of their age, academic and experience to enhance their capabilities and be the best in the industry.

SOC's Philosophy

Everyone deserves a job. But not everyone can afford to prepare themselves to land their dream jobs. School of Careers aims to provide unique and creative learning experiences that are aligned with current best practices in various industries to students at an affordable price. Most importantly, we strive to ensure 100% job-placement of our students upon completion of our courses.

SOC's Principle

We believe that everyone is entitled to opportunities to better themselves through education that does not put a financial burden on them. We do not look at academic results or any other requirements to enroll in our courses. Our courses are open to anyone above the age of 18.

SOC's Criteria

There is NO criteria. No prior academic results. No language requirements. While you do have to go through an application process to join our courses, all you need to succeed is the right attitude and willingness to learn. The best part? Our courses guarantee you with a job upon completion, despite having no pre-qualification criteria. 

Job Guaranteed

We take our promise seriously. We partner with leading employers and work with them to provide the best candidates that suit their hiring needs. As our courses are designed to meet their job requirements, which means that enrolment in our courses will ensure that there will be a job waiting for you upon completion of our courses.


Industry trends and best practices evolve over time, and sometimes in a short amount of time. Our courses are designed to provide the latest and state-of-the-art industry practices to ensure our students will remain relevant upon completing the courses. To continue to remain relevant even post-completion, our students will gain access to a private group moderated by our adjunct mentors so that they can always seek guidance along their career path.


Lifelong learning should never be expensive. It should be readily available, accessible, and affordable. In a nutshell, you will receive all that is required to perform effectively in your dream job without the financial burden weighing you down. To go a step further, we are offering scholarships and this will open for all to apply. Inquire with us on your eligibility and how you can go about applying for the scholarship that will kick start your career.

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