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We are looking for passionate people who share a common goal in building the nation’s employability. 

Here at School of Careers, we are committed to not only developing youths with the right skills and knowledge to perform at the job function but to prepare them to be our future leaders. 

As the job market gets more and more competitive each year, the conventional method of pursuing a tertiary education becomes saturated as graduates compete with other degree holders for a position in the market. On top of that, many graduates lack the experience of the real working life, leading to underperformance in their field of work or being under-qualified for the job position. 

Therefore, as an alternative approach to the conventional ways, we are looking for industry practitioners, retired CEOs, business owners, and passionate people who are looking to build the nation’s employability by connecting students to a real-world classroom and exposing them to the experience of career life so that they will be career-ready within a year.

If you are an expert in your field, join us as an Adjunct Mentor in empowering the lives of Malaysian students to improve the nation’s employability. Turn your technical expertise, “real-world” experience, and great communications skills into a rewarding part-time teaching opportunity.

Mentor Benefits


Mentor a classroom full-time or part-time, either in the evenings or weekends while still maintaining your current job.


Whether you prefer to have your courses in a physical or online venue, you decide where and when to teach.

Featured Profile

Our mentors have a dedicated profile page giving you more exposure as students and employers browse.

Why Join Us?

At School of Careers, we provide support to our Mentors so you can focus on doing what you love – Teaching

Be a part of nation building

Contribute to improving the nation’s employability as you shape Malaysian youths to become our future leaders

Meet other mentors and professionals

Meet other Adjunct Mentors and professionals from different fields of work, allowing you a good opportunity for networking.

Learning while you teach

Teaching improves your presentation delivery and you become more organized. Ultimately, contributing to your professional development.

Focus on course execution

While we focus on supporting you on the operational and logistics side, you get to focus on doing what you love – Teaching.

Be compensated for your contributions

A chance for you to have a side income, make a donation to a charity of your choice, or sponsor your own students! 

Share your expertise

Get the opportunity to share your expertise and inspire students to follow in your footsteps, building a new generation to contribute to our nation.

How to Apply

Step 1

Schedule a meetup

Choose which date and time are most convenient for you

Step 2

Understanding the job scope

In the discussion, we will share with you your job scope

Step 3


You will receive a partnership letter for your consideration purposes.


Who can apply as an Adjunct Mentor?

We are looking for industry experts, business owners, passionate people, and even retired professionals to join us as an Adjunct Mentor as long as you have an experience in the subject knowledge for 5 years and above.

How do I apply as an Adjunct Mentor?

You can apply as an Adjunct Mentor by scheduling an appointment with us where we will set up a meetup session to get to know you better before confirming your application. 

What are the courses that I can teach?

We are looking for experts in all fields, with no limitations to the range of courses. However, we are aiming for courses which are relevant to the demand of employers. 

How many hours do I have to teach?

The timing is flexible and subject to your availability as well as what we agree upon once you are onboard as one of our mentors. 

What is the classroom size like?

You can expect around 15 – 20 students per class. 

Are there any requirements to apply as an Adjunct Mentor?

Aside from being experts in the subject with more than 5 years of experience, applicants must possess good communication skills as to convey lessons. 

Where will the courses be conducted?

You are free to decide how the courses are conducted. Whether it is a physical or an online venue, you choose what is most convenient for you.

When do I get to start teaching?

Depending on your schedule as well as the incoming students, we may have to discuss on your availability and work from there. 

Do I need to prepare my own course modules?

Yes, as we are relying upon your expertise in your subject knowledge to deliver the best exposure to students.

Do I need to look for students to enroll in my courses?

You are not obliged to do so as we will bring students in, but feel free to do so!

How will I get paid?

Adjunct Mentors are paid based on an hourly rate. 

Do I have to be a Certified Trainer?

You do not have to be a certified trainer to join as an Adjunct Mentor.

Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about becoming an Adjunct Mentor.