Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs

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Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs

Leading Graduate Employers Reveal The Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs In 2021

One of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life is which course you want to take in university. While it is important that you choose a degree that lets you establish a career in a field that you are interested in, it is also useful to know what high demand jobs are waiting for you after graduation.

With tens of thousands of graduates entering the job market every year, knowing which jobs with high future demand by companies is instrumental in planning what to study. If you are studying a degree in any of these in-demand fields, your chances of landing a job will naturally increase when you graduate.

In 2020, Talentbank survey 196 companies and compiled discovered the most in-demand jobs that employers are seeking to hire. Here’s the list of the top ten fields that has jobs in demand for 2021.


Fields With In-Demand Jobs 2021

#10: Economics

An economics degree gives you an understanding of how a country’s economy functions. Basically, economists gather and analyse data to find solutions for how people, industries, and countries can be more productive, create wealth, and maintain financial stability.

#9: Banking

Studying banking and finance will give you a good knowledge of commercial and investment banking as well as the global economic system. Salaries for jobs in this field can be very high as the skills required are also very high.

#8: Mass Communications

Mass Communications is the process of developing a message for people, brands, businesses, or organizations and sharing it with a large group of people using the right communication channel. Good command of languages is important in this field.

#7: E&E Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering deals with developing devices and systems to be used in various applications. From manufacturing to telecommunications, to the automobile or aerospace industry, a wide range of career options are available to electrical and electronic engineering graduates.

#6: Mechanical Engineering

Graduates with mechanical engineering degrees will also find that there are plenty of job options available. If a company has to deal with designing, developing, installing, operating or maintenance of anything that has moving parts, they will need someone with a mechanical engineering background.

#5: HR Management

As all major companies and organisations have a Human Resources department, HR Management graduates have job opportunities in almost any industry. An HR Management degree will give provide graduates with the qualification to deal with hiring, training, learning and development, and general people management skills.

#4: Computing & IT

Computing and IT skills are in very high demand as new technologies are constantly being introduced and many companies are in the process of digitalising. Graduates have many career options across many sectors. They can work with consultancies and IT service providers, or with in-house IT departments of companies.

#3: Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important functions in all companies and organisations. It is not just about promoting products and services, it is also about promoting ideas, charities, politics and more. As such, there are many opportunities for marketing graduates across all sectors. Knowledge in digital channels is also important today.

#2: Business Management

A degree in Business Management prepares graduates for a career in a variety of companies. It provides a broad understanding of business organisations are run, and trains graduates in business-relevant skills such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking and leadership.

And the field with the most high-demand jobs in Malaysia is …

#1: Accounting

Accounting graduates can also look forward to careers in a wide range of sectors as almost every company and organisation needs someone who is competent in accounting. Besides working in accounting departments, graduates can also enter the fields of banking and finance, business, consulting and management, and other sectors.

Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021. So take this into consideration when planning your choice of which course to study and which careers you want to pursue.

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