Top 5 Places Employers Find Graduates

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Top 5 Places Employers Find Graduates

Best Places For Job Hunting: Top 5 Places Employers Find And Hire Fresh Graduates 

You may have heard of graduates who blasted out hundreds of resumes and job applications only to hear crickets. You may even be one of them.

But have you considered whether you are searching for jobs in the right places?

Every employer has some preferred sites that reliably help them identify and connect with graduates. So it makes sense that if you are a graduate, you want to go to the places where employers are actively looking for people with your qualifications skillset.

In 2020, Talentbank conducted a survey of 196 number of companies and discovered the top 5 places where employers prefer to go to in search of talent.

Here’s what they are.

Job Sites

There are hundreds of job sites in Malaysia on a variety of platforms, from established recruitment agencies, to purely online job posting sites, to job pages on social media. A major advantage of companies posting on job sites is that they can reach a wide audience and receive many applications for them to consider. However, the disadvantage is that they will have to screen the applications which takes up time and resources. Companies could post jobs through a recruitment agency. However, the process of selection and screening may take a long time. They will also have to pay the agency a fee. To have a good chance of getting noticed by ideal employers, preparing a good resume and practising good interview skills is key.

Company’s Own Career Page 

The Careers page on a company’s website is a great way for a company to attract the right talent. Besides giving candidates the information they need about the company, a good Career page will be able to present the company’s work culture, expectations and other information that are targeted at potential hires who may be the right fit. A career page is also more cost-effective than hiring recruiters or advertising in publications. It also reduces the search time, as the company has direct contact with candidates. However the downside is that companies will have to go through all the applications themselves, which takes up the time and resources of their internal staff. Having an outstanding resume will help you get noticed.

Career Fairs at Universities 

Participating in job fairs at universities gives companies a major advantage over recruiting through their Career Page because it allows companies to meet face-to-face with many qualified graduates. They have access to a large pool of potential employees without having to pay for advertisers or recruiters. While they may have to pay a fee to participate in a job fair, they actually save time and money because they can quickly identify the right candidates and connect with them directly. In this way, companies can even discover candidates who are not in their original scope but possesses a talent that is hard to ignore. So this is a chance for you to wow company recruiters.

University Career Services Centres 

Most major universities will have a team of professionals to help students plan their future career. Companies and organizations regularly contact University Career Services Centres to source for internships. As such, they have the information and network to match graduates to job opportunities. They also have a good idea of what criteria companies are looking for in a candidate. So do tap into that information to find a company that may be the right fit for you.

Social Media Channels 

It’s hard to imagine any graduate who is not on social media today. So companies have adapted to make social media one of the major talent recruitment channels. A major advantage of social media is that it gives companies the ability to accurately target specific people. Social media also gives companies a chance to get to know their candidates first before the interview by viewing their profiles. So make sure your profile is optimised to impress your ideal employer.

It’s important to realise that employers want to be efficient in using their time and resources, so they will go to the places that give them the best chances of finding the talent they need. So it makes sense that these are also the best places for qualified graduates to go to connect with the companies of their choice.

Best of luck to you!

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